Want to download ArchiMate guide or ArchiMate software? Looking for free ArchiMate downloads? Here is a list of popular ArchiMate resources ready for downloading.

Download ArchiMate

If your organization is a member of The Open Group ArchiMate Forum, you may download and use ArchiMate internally under a personal annual Member License. Besides, you may download ArchiMate Version 2.1 under a free, personal, 90-day Evaluation License; and you may then go on to use it internally under a free, perpetual, Corporate License or a free, perpetual, Academic License, if you wish. Alternatively, you may take out an annual Commercial License.

To download or to learn more about the download procedure and license, visit The Open Group.

Download ArchiMate Specification

The latest version of the ArchiMate Specification is version 3.1 released November 2019. To download ArchiMate, visit The Open Group’s ArchiMate Licensed Downloads page.

Download ArchiMate software

Certified by The Open Group, Visual Paradigm is an ArchiMate software that supports the ArchiMate 3 specification.

What can I do with Visual Paradigm?

Visual Paradigm is a full-featured modelling platform for creating ArchiMate models and other diagrams. It is used by Enterprise Architects from all over the world. Here is a short list of things you can do with Visual Paradigm:

  • Create ArchiMate diagrams
    • Access to full set of ArchiMate notations
    • Use ArchiMate viewpoints
    • Ensure the correctness of modeling syntax with syntax checking on-the-fly
    • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop ArchiMate editing tool
    • Quick diagram creation with the Resource-Centric interface
    • Precise positioning of shapes with alignment guide
    • Inline shape editing
    • Alignment and distribute functions
    • Rich set of formatting options
  • Maintain ArchiMate model
    • Group ArchiMate models by packages / model shapes
    • Model traceability
  • Team collaboration
    • Work with the EA teams and other modelers concurrently and collaboratively with team collaborative features
    • Keep revisions for your ArchiMate diagrams
    • Smart conflict resolution for conflicted changes
  • Publishing / Sharing
    • Publish and share ArchiMate diagrams online
    • Export diagrams as image files
  • Document creation
  • Coverage of additional model types
    • ERD, DFD, Flowchart
    • Organization Chart, Mind Map, Pert Chart, Roadmap, Migration Roadmap
    • 200+ more diagram types
  • TOGAF support
    • Visual TOGAF ADM process map with actionable work items
    • Produce deliverable as you progress through the enterprise architecture development cycle
    • Additional Enterprise Architecture toolset
  • DoDAF process map
  • NAF process map
  • MODAF process map
How to download the ArchiMate software – Visual Paradigm?

Visual Paradigm comes with 30 days trial period. You can visit our download page to download Visual Paradigm.

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